Commercial building mostly do not have the luxury or airing the premises.


Adding to that, our frequent use of air-conditioning induces moisture that is retained in carpets, creating an environment that promotes mould growth. This in turn creates musty odour which might deter potential customers. Ecom can assist in tackling this problem by addressing the root cause created by bacteria and mould.

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To new tenant, these conditions create a breeding ground for bacteria and mould that could cause nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, aggravating asthma attacks, and even respiratory illness. Some mycotoxins that cling on to the surfaces of mould spores can cause cancer.

Some retail sites have odour issues that we can help to eliminate. Let us offer you an odour-free environment.

Open concept offices have their advantages but also allow the easy spread of contagious illnesses. Let us reduce their spread.
Enclosed environments, carpets, and frequent use of A/C promote mould growth. Let us help you reduce the mould and musty problem.
Other than sight, the other first impression is smell. Let us remove the musty smell so you can create a better first impression for your clients.

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