Childcare Outbreak control

What are the causes of outbreak? How can we stop the infectious disease from spreading in the school? Click on the video to learn more.

Moving into a new home?

It is a happy moment when moving into a new home, but do you know there are potential harm lurking in there? Find out more in the video below and how we can resolve the potential threat.

Planning to Rent or sell your property?

We know that first impression counts. Other than sight, the thing that welcomes you into a new premises is smell. Click on the video to learn what we can do to assist you to achieve your target price.

Does your pet have an unusual odour recently?

Odour on your pet is a health indicator, do not ignore. It may tell you that your pet is not feeling well. Click on the video to learn more and how you can keep your pet safe and healthy.

Is fitness more important than health?

Exercising and keeping fit is important. But while doing so, we should ensure the gym is kept in high levels of hygiene. Click on the video to learn more and how we can keep you safe.

Are the facilities in your condo or club kept clean?

Facilities like Sauna, Gym, Steam Room, Lounge and Function Room  should be kept at high level of hygiene. After all, it is the resident or club member that is using it. Click on the video to understand more and how we can work to maintain them.