About Ecom

We use all OUR SENSES while we work, not just our hands and feet. Without understanding the situation, you cannot solve the real problem.

Who are we?

We are parents. We are children. We are also engineers. We are Singaporeans. We are like you. More importantly, we are passionate about providing a safe environment for children, friends, and families.

We believe that hygiene is the key to this dream.

We understand the urgency during an outbreak. Therefore, our promise to you is two-fold: a 48-hour response time and the best hassle-free customer service in the industry.

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Ecom is committed to maintaining the highest of health standards and creating a safe environment for everyone to work and live in.
Our products are green. This is our assurance in our commitment to providing the best care for your health.
We are qualified engineers and education professionals. We are ACTA certified.